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Welcome to Eden University. Our institutional objectives include the promotion of womens participation in science related fields of professional work, and promotion of participation by disabled and other disadvantaged persons in higher education.

Womens rights to respect and dignity are enshrined in Zambia’s republican constitution, and our nation has witnessed great progress towards womens more equitable participation in many fields of public life. Eden University plans to attract more women to enroll in scientific degree programmes, preparing them to enter relevant professions.

The principle of inclusion underlies the right of access to all public events and activities by individuals whose sensory or mobility functions are impaired. Eden University is committed to enabling learners with mobility, hearing or visual challenges to participate in advanced education. As our campus facilities continue to expand, we shall seek to ensure their accessibility by wheelchair, and to make up to date knowledge accessible to students with vision or hearing difficulties.

Students and their sponsors are entitled to know the quality of the education they will receive. By faithfully adhering to standards set by the Higher Education Authority, Eden University will confidently assure all stakeholders of the quality of the education offered by our degree programmes. I hope to see the connection between the university’s teaching and research functions flourish in our curriculum development, and that our graduates will be committed to channeling their advanced knowledge and understanding into socially responsible lives.

Prof. Robert Serpell , PhD
Eden University

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