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The Chief Executive Officer, Eden University, the Management team Eden University, the Deans of Schools, Director of Programmes, the Teaching Faculty of Eden University, your Excellences, the Ambassadors, Hon. Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other Government representatives, distinguished invited guests to this 9th Graduation Ceremony of Eden University, the parents and guardians of the graduating class of 2021, the graduating class of 2021, Ladies and Gentlemen all protocol observed.
We extend a very warm welcome to all of you to this graduation celebration of successful completion of meticulous and targeted preparation for service for Zambia and beyond of the Graduation Class of 2021. Graduands, you have done us proud and a hearty Congratulations to all of you. You Look great out there!
Congratulations to all of you for finally making it to the finished line. You endured tough adjustments, a very competitive and complex environment with different challenges You endured examinations and continuous assignments, you endured financial challenges. New normal of on-line learning posed by covid-19 pandemic. You endured all odds. Praise be to God who saw you through.
The choice you made to come to Eden was the best choice in our opinion. You must have been well taken care of because you look quite different from when you first came. You eve walk and talk differently . We commend you for focussed achievement you have made. Behind your achievements are dedicated Council, Administrators, and excellent teaching Faculty who are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in various disciplines of specialization that has shaped these graduands to reach this far. Our graduands have come through rigorous schooling in disciples of Health: Clinical Medicine, Nursing, and Environmental Health. The University has added deliberately other strategic programs in Health.
Eden University is the only Private University offering degree Programme in Public Health in Nursing . Secondly Eden University is among the only three private Universities offering degree in Medicine. These Health programs are very expensive to start and mention. They require very heavy investment in excellent specialized Lecturers, and well equipped laboratories in order to provide relevant and modern instruction and equip the learner with skills that are recognized internationally. This Eden University ahs done successfully and the fruit of this investment is witnessed by yearly large numbers of Health professionals being released in the market for service such as we have today. Behold them in their white attire!
In addition there is a dire need to train Fire fighters in skills beyond fire quenching. These are specialized skills in the fast changing world of modern buildings of all sizes and shapes and all the fire risks associated with them and skills that a in tandem with modern times of fire fighting and rescue operations . to meet the demands, Eden University saw this niche and embarked on the training following internationally recognized curriculum and in consultations with partners in the field of Fire Engineering and Rescue management. In partnership with the National Fire Training School in Kabwe, and in consultations with local Development partners in the field such as Airport Fire Department, Municipal Councils Fire Department and Local Government Ministry in Charge, and in consultations with Higher Education Authority , the Programme was launched. Today we are graduating the first 40 graduands from the Department of Fire Engineering and Rescue Management, currently housed in School of Natural Sciences.
This is the First BSc. degree programme in Fire Engineering and Rescue Management not only in the Country but we believe in the Region besides South Africa. Thank you all who have participated in this innovative and needful venture. Congratulations Fire Engineering and Rescue Management for being the First graduands in the Nation! We are proud of you . Go out there and make a difference in your Field. Secondly we have another First. School of Pharmacy is graduating the first Diploma graduands in Pharmacy. This is another very important field of study. Sickness is will always be with us and we require medicine. Medicine is also poisonous and deadly if given by untrained hands. Eden is proud to be a contributor in this area. It opens also areas of research in alternative medicines for both old and new diseases. Africa is full of indigenous medicinal therapeutics . Graduands it is now you time to come up with new ways of treating and preventing diseases. Congratulations Pharmacists, behold the first graduates in Eden in Pharmacy. Congratulations.
We are admitting in the School of Law and Business. In this School you can take both degree programs and short certificate courses. Eden prides itself with excellent fibre optics connectivity in partnership with ZAMREN. Students are able to access internet 24 hours.
They can access learning materials , home work and receive online instruction. They can apply, Register for courses, pay for them and do all that is necessary apart from class attendance. We have a vibrant IT team which is in full control of providing services to Finance, Human Resource, Administration and networking.
To accomplish all these tasks of training and equipping thse graduands tdh University has put together sharp and competent Faculty qualified in areas of specialization to deliver skills and knowledge for seekers of knowledge. We have Choice Administrative team to implement polices of the institution strategic mission and vision of the University. Above all you parents and guardians have given us learners who have thirst for knowledge and are now equipped with skills which will fit them well is national development and service for their fellow humans.. Guest of honour Sir, distinguished ladies and gentlemen from where you are seated you are only exposed to partial beauty of the learning facilities of the University which include Laboratories , classrooms. At the back and to your left side, the Library building , the Faculty offices and Administrative block which are ideal for learning and work. I should also mention that we have physical facilities which are appropriate for learning at the Great Easts Road Campus located across the entrance of the University of Zambia main Campus.
Distinguished guests , kindly plan a visit to these facilities and check us out and bring us more learners to replace these ones who are graduating. We emphasize, quality delivery of knowledge , honesty and integrity .
Dear graduands, Please note , that it is not only good managers, good teachers and good facilities that will bring about the desired goals you have set for your selves. Rather, it is what you will do with what you have acquired here. It is not the excellent grades you obtained in the class, though grades are good, but how you will utilise that knowledge to heal the sick, feed the hungry cloth the naked and provide for those in need. Go out there and use what you have in your hands to uplift the down trodden and remove the veil of ignorance , poverty and disease by using the tools you have gained here at Eden. Indeed, we are very thankful to God for this great and peaceful Country, Zambia, which provides ideal environment for all of us for learning, for teaching and for work.
It is my privilege to add our congratulations to his Excellence the President. Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, for winning the just ended Elections and become the 7th President the Republic of Zambia. I am sure, you graduands listened and read with keen interest his vision and mission at his Inauguration, at the opening of Parliament, and indeed during his maiden address at the United Nations General Assembly. I am confident all you will do your honest part and be a part of change for a better tomorrow. You were dependant yesterday; you will be depended upon tomorrow. You were a consumer yesterday; you will be a producer tomorrow. You were counselled yesterday; you will be counsellor tomorrow. You were a student yesterday; you will be a teacher tomorrow. You need not fear about tomorrow because we trained you to be resilient to challenges and be part of solutions needed.
As I end , please allow me remind you about your responsibilities to this world we live in. you need to be mindful that small harmful things affect all of us human beings globally. The change in climate is a result of our recklessness in minding small things: cutting down trees recklessly to burn charcoal, Clearing forests to plant tomatoes when there are thousands of acres of grassland, setting environment on fire to hunt for rats or clear ticks from grass lands, throwing away anywhere plastics and hope some one will pick them after you. When we have brought all harm to ourselves , it is so is to rationalize that God is angry with us when hurricanes come, our water springs dry up and famine set in for lack of water for our plants and animals and diseases set in with devastating effects. Let us not sit and wtch these things happen. We must react to them positively. Covid-19 challenges, HIV & AIDS, Malaria, Sleeping Sickness, Food, Security, Climate Change and others are real and you will meet them out there . Do not be a Spector but be an actor against these challenges. Eden will keep in touch. God bless you. Congratulations!

Prof. Mutuku Mutinga, PhD
Vice Chancellor
Eden University

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